Strawberry banana cbd vape Cartridge from " CBD FTP "

This is my review of The 500 mg uncut CBD Vape cartridge from ” CBD for the people ”

I do not sell this product. I am only giving my honest review of this.

If you’re under 18, take your little butt on somewhere & get off this Channel right now!!!
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49 thoughts on “Strawberry banana cbd vape Cartridge from " CBD FTP "

  1. The great thing about vaping is its quick to do.
    Screw the battery to the cart turn it on and your off.
    For me I prefer smoking flower because its less harsh and it has more of a "heavier" effect that seems to last longer.
    Taz this is a good brand that uses MCT organic coconut oil instead of PG/VG or artificial chemicals and they have several different strains to choose from?

    I occasionally vape to wake and bake because like I said its quicker then having to break down some!

    What's the word, hummingbird?

  2. Just curious, have you ever thought of getting your medical marijuana card? I was wondering because I went to a local dispensary here in jersey and thought of you, they had CBD flower with and without thc but like low thc around 5% so it's a best of both worlds lol

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