Novel NC10 Quartz Coil THC/ CBD Oil Cartridge Review

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17 thoughts on “Novel NC10 Quartz Coil THC/ CBD Oil Cartridge Review

  1. Just tried the Dabix quartz cart. Now working well. I have to use the pre warm setting just to get a medium sized puff. Killing my batteries quickly. What heat setting do you recommend? Does quartz take longer to heat up or require more voltage? Or do the Dabix just suck, lol?

  2. PUBLIC WARNING!! These cartridges specifically and most likely other cartridges made by NOVEL ECIG are CONTAMINATED with little specks of STYRO FOAM. Just watch the video and you see several shots that show white specks of STYRO FOAM. I have cleaned many hundreds of these in the last 6 months. NOVEL just sent me more today and they are also CONTAMINATED. Bummer too because the are really good cartridges. NOVEL reported that no other buyer has complained and that they have sold 100,000 plus to wholesalers too bad for those folks whom got cartridges laced with styro foam.

  3. Holy smokes Batman. I bought a CBD cartridge full of some oil from the CBD place here in town….and each one goes for $15! But a bottle of the oil is only $35! So after watching this, I decided to see if the top came off, and it does. So you mean to tell me I was wasting $15 each time…..when I could have just been unscrewing the top and replacing the oil!! Damn, I feel like such a dumba** now lol. But at least after watching this review, I'll finally be able to save money by reusing the same cartridge over and over again. Because $35 for a decently sized bottle of oil, in the long run, is SOOO much cheaper than a $15 vial of oil in a cartridge lol.

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