CBD Goldline: Full Spectrum Extract CBD Crumble, CBD Oil Tinctures, Edibles, Pre-filled Cartridges

Dan Hoff COO of HoneyStick introduces the launch of http://www.goldlinecbd.com your source for all CBD. Dan Hoff briefly introduces the product line and talks about all of the benefits of each component whether it is the CBD oil Tinctures that are different extracted and flavored CBD, or the pre-filled 510 thread CBD cartridges ( CBD vape tanks) , or the CBD disposable vape pens available. CBD goldline also shows off its full spectrum extract crumble as well as grab and go kits that include a vaporizer. When it comes to edibles Dan discussed the amazing full spectrum Honey Sticks as well as the amazing infused CBD gummy bears. Dan will also discuss how it is best to pair the CBD with certain HoneyStick devices and how amazing the Goldline CBD is in terms of Quality CBD manufacture.

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13 thoughts on “CBD Goldline: Full Spectrum Extract CBD Crumble, CBD Oil Tinctures, Edibles, Pre-filled Cartridges

  1. Hey just wanted to let you know myself and my mom purchased your 12 oz 25 mg gummies. And I'm disappointed. So is she the taste was fine but for being 25mg they should have had some effect. I have been talking CBD gummies for 6 months from hemp bombs. And a half of a gummy has always worked from them I tried one, then two and even 4 and nothing other then a after taste. I do not consume anything with thc and have had great success with CBD. Except from your product. We have let the supplier know about the poor quality of this product so others don't waste money. I hope you figure out what is up with your CBD gummies because it's sad to see such poor quality.

  2. Is there a reason you don’t sell the cbd line on the same site as the HoneyStick? I ordered a product from there and it would have been nice to also order the cbd from the same site to get them together. Is it because you can not sell hardware and consumable product together? Just wondering.

  3. Got the bee keeper as you know, but i just got the 3oomg 30 ml mango cbd liquid from goldline. The CBD tastes great and works great in the beekeeper, the dropper can be messy but take your time and you will be good, smokes great but burns fast, and if you like clouds it produces nice small thick ones. It really works, I have depression and it really levels me out, I'm new with CBD and I tell you it's better than pharmacy anti-depressants. I recommend.

  4. Great products!
    Also it's a great opportunity to start distributing…I wish I was in the position to help out at this time it would be better than stocks for me I am sure…If I had maybe 3 times the amount ties up in stocks perhaps I could do it with that.
    Also I wonder if it wouldn't make sense to simply make your internet presence more known and you only need to scale up to handle all the orders yourself….

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