28 thoughts on “Answering Your CBD Oil Questions! ? Positive & Negative Testimonials

  1. Its crazy how many different things I've read & heard from people regarding drug testing + CBD use! Apparently it IS possible to fail a drug test when using a full spectrum oil. I have never been drug tested before, but if you are someone who is worried about this happening, is it possible to inform who is testing you of your legal use of hemp? I imagine this is difficult for those on probation. Also, it seems like a hassle to inform an employer/ potential employer of this… any thoughts??

  2. Just found your channel and it’s awesome.

    Definitely opening up my eyes for sure.

    Just purchased a Smok Nord and some e liquid from Hemp Bomb. Eager to try it out to see if it helps my anxiety issues. Never took any meds for it and I don’t plan too but I know I need to do something in order to get back to my normal levels. This seems like a good start.

  3. Good God stay away from legal Qs. THC or a similar chemical will fuck with your drug tests! You can test positive for heroin if you eat to many poppy seed bagels. Otherwise you're really pleasant articulate.

  4. How do you cope with anxiety tears? If it's a problem for you. I'm a guy so sadly I feel its more embarassing to be seen crying in work, but when my anxiety flares up I don't have any other outlet other than welling up in tears and to hide in the toilet.

    Your channel has been a good help lately, i've been on CBD for a few weeks now and I definitely notice a change. Keep on advocating you're doing a great job!

  5. There's certainly emerging medical evidence for some indications but there is still a lot that is just anecdotal. Unfortunately a lot of laws that restrict recreational use also stop medical research to fully understand any potential benefits. I talk about this more on my new CBD oil video on my channel Mental Health with Dr Elliott. If you like it then leave comments and subscribe (and I'll sub back).

    Mental Health with Dr Elliott

  6. I was featured! Lol. It is weird I had a friend with schizophrenia and yes weed was horrible for her and she would keep doing it but CBD calmed her down. The problem with people who have schizophrenia is they want to treat it like a bruise, put some ice on it and call it a day. But you can't do that then they have an episode again or they do the things that make it worse again

  7. My husband is taking Plus CBD gold at recommended dose.. and he did test positive on a drug test, so it IS possible to test positive — it’s important to know that for people whose jobs may depend on passing a drug test!

  8. I don't get a chance to watch all of your videos but I feel we have alot in common. I may have missed a informative video but in your opinion what are the best companies into cbd. I've been debating this myself for about a year since I watched your video about anxiety and cbd, but have not acted because I see alot of companies now but not sure who is legit in this world of marketing. I understand how hard it is to make these videos sometimes, but your experiences I think alot of us share. Know you give some of us hope to break out of our cycles of depression, anxiety, and start living our lives again. I live in Michigan and our laws aren't the best with CBD. Currently we are only allowed hemp derived below .03% I think.

    Btw you are awesome!

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