How To Make CBD Oil From Isolate

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In this video I explain the steps to make your own DIY Sublingual Oil from CBD Isolate. For more information about CBD, from unbiased user reviews to educational content, check out our website at

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1. Scale
2. Isolate
3. Dropper Bottle
4. Carrier Oil
5. Measuring Tool
6. Hot Water Bath Cup

1. Measure out your oil into your dropper bottle
2. Measure out your isolate on a scale
3. Transfer isolate to dropper bottle
4. Close and check for crystals
5. Add dropper bottle to hot water bath
6. OPTIONAL- Add Terpenes


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Bring Back – Sro –
If Only The Hadn’t – Sro –


30 thoughts on “How To Make CBD Oil From Isolate

  1. If you want to mix it up squeeze up some into the air filters dropper few times as well as when closing it pinch the air in dropper so it done in some of the fluid this will prevent overflow and also mix up your solution

  2. I have a question if you dont mind. If you wanted to make CBD gummies using CBD isolate, do you still need to use a carrier oil, or can you simply mix it with the gelatin or agar agar? Thanks for the vid!

  3. Advice from a chemist:
    • Mix in a bigger vessel and then transfer that mix to your dropper bottle.
    • When the dropper displaces the liquid in the vial, try inserting the dropper having already squeezed the bulb and slowly draw up some of the liquid in the vial as you insert it and you won’t have quite so much air displacing your liquid volume. That is why you can’t fit 15mL in there PLUS the dropper full of air.
    • When weighing out your powder, you can place your mixing container on the scale, then tare it, then add your powder. This will minimize loss of product during transfer from weigh boat to mix.
    • if you are going to transfer powder from one container to such a small opening as you did here, use wax paper or parchment to create a funnel and you won’t lose more product spilling and resting on the lip.
    • I can pretty much guarantee the syringe you’re using is dead on accurate unless you went incredibly cheap on that, but if you’d prefer, you can use the scale to measure that as well. Just remember the density of your coconut oil is 0.92, so 15mL will weigh 13.8g.

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