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  1. Interesting, thanks for sharing. Im soon getting a bottle from my brother to test, I have a very fast and overthinking mind that can be prone to anxiety. Also have problem with motivation and lethargy, also feeling sleepy for many hours after waking up in the morning. Will be really interesting to see the results! 🙂

  2. I had the same experience after smoking CDB. I have social anxiety and can have agitation that lasts for weeks. Within 10 minutes after smoking CDBs, things changed, my anxiety and the thoughts connected to anxious feelings where still there, but I could pick witch thought to allow in and control how much that thought has in making me feel anxious. I can tell myself "the past is the past all that matters is the present and the future" and push aside the anxiety. you did a good job in describing how the thought process changes with CDBs before and after use you described my own experience. So many people are cripple social anxiety CDBs are a light in the darkness, thanks for posting your experience.

  3. Hi Penny Henrietta! I liked this review you did. You have a great way of explaining your perception changes which lead to improved coping with previously stressful thoughts. I am also interested in how you described an increase of energy. Do you think that is because you felt free from fearful thoughts holding you back from activities previously? I am a psychotherapist in California and my clients ask about CBD often! I follow the research for the benefits (and possible risks) for mental health issues like anxiety . Not much in the area of risks so I am getting more and more interested as the years go on. They still have a lot to study but so far I like the results people like you are getting. One of the things missing in research is long term use studies. Now that you have been possibly using CBD for five months now, can you do an update video? That would be so great!

  4. Where I live in Tennessee a man makes CBD oil locally here and he’s awesome! His products are pure and has different items to choose from! Proven effective for anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, seizures etc! If interested let me know I’ll get you a discount since I’m a loyal customer of his!

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