Is My CBD Fake? (Real vs Fake CBD Oil)

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Unscrupulous brands may be selling you “high quality” CBD oil that may just be nothing but CBD isolate floating in olive oil.

The responsibility lies on YOU as the consumer to respectfully ask for lab reports to ensure the CBD oil you are getting is a cannabinoid and terpene rich product which will give you the full benefits of the entourage effect.


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21 thoughts on “Is My CBD Fake? (Real vs Fake CBD Oil)

  1. I got a 24oz plastic bottle of hempseed oil @$16. I said it was fake. They wrote back an said it's not fake.
    So how can so much oil be had for so little? I think it's fake for that price. Then I look else where and it $16 per 4oz Hempseed oil. Bunch of rip-offs. Who has the real truthful honest no lie Hempseed hearts, Hempseed oil, CBD whole plant. Not a little dumped into 24oz of salad oil!!??

  2. Oh the brand of "CBD" was PLATINUM HEMP… Couldn't find it anywhere on Google and before he gave it back to me I didn't notice until I was in the car I saw that he kept the part of paper that was inserted with the name on it. I. Glad I remembered because also, I ended up buying the one I couldn't afford yesterday with all the lab testing and 2-3 puffs it felt like real CBD.. freetheleaf. I want to warn others!

  3. Wish I found your video before I got scammed!! I went to a store that is a big name store here (30 other store branches) and the guy kept insisting I buy this "awesome" $59 battery to heat the oil. He had CBD, premium and full spectrum. Price wise I chose premium because it said it was $34! With lab tests and all! It's called freetheleaf…

    Got to the register and he said oh my bad. I told you the wrong price, this is actually $54.99 and I was like ugh!! But then he turned around and said don't forget we have ALL THESE OTHER ones and here is one that's 1000mg for $25. I was sold.

    Got home thinking I would only need a vape or two.. nope! I used about 20% of the tank and brought it back. They would not let me return it.. then he opened up the same damn battery and said, see if you bought this battery it would have worked better!

    Long story short, I agree 100% with your video and I'm glad there is someone like you to educate people before they get ripped off! He even took two hits off the tank to show me how much better it would vape and then before I left he said, oh here don't forget the tank! I don't want you missing out on what you already paid for! Eww gross!!

  4. As I was watching your video, you were talking about making sure you ask for a lab report when dealing with these companies that are selling cbd products. So I checked the two you have links for. I checked bluebird and I didn't see a lab report, but they have a batch database. Is that their lab report?

  5. Hi I have been using Green Roads CBD Oil and they are very good but also very expensive I found another company that is called Sun State Hemp and wanted to know if you have heard of them and if you believe they are a good company. Thank you

  6. Can you throw me a bone and recommend a company. All these people talking about CBD oil and not one of you recommend one. Only one I see is hempworx but it's made from the seed. Help us with some information other than what cbd is or does. Recommend one!

  7. in my personal experience of using 6 brands and different concentrations, most cbd oils are fake. they did absolutely nothing but cost me a total of $1000. sick people are desperate. everyone is looking to make a profit off of the sick. sad really.

  8. Why do you people, or should I say sheeple, think a government ran warehouse facility type dispensary is the best place to get your oil? Oh wait, sorry, it's because that is what they, and their little tranny shill minions told you…I forgot. Sometimes I forget how easy it is to brainwash, and deceive you cattle. Carry on.

  9. The first cbd oil I bought was clear and had a really great taste, orange, and smelled like an orange. I was told it was full spectrum. The second cbd I bought from. a different company and also full spectrum, was cloudy and kind of a darker color and even though flavored tasted rather bad and smelled rather bad, kind of earthy and it was organic. Both companies had lab reports. I complained to the second company bc I thought I got a bad product, and was told that what I got from the first company was not truly a full spectrum cbd if it was clear and tasted good like an orange. That real, full spectrum cbd is a harsher taste. So, can you tell me, based on what I just said, which cbd is the better; the clear great tasting cbd or the cloudy, earthy tasting cbd?

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