Difference between CBD oil and Hemp oil (seed) -PHARMACIST EXPLAINS

In this video i clear the difference between CBD oil and Hemp oil.
Both hemp oil and cbd oil come from the cannabis plant.

my current favourites:

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which the main compound in cannabis responsible for its known medicinal benefits.

We discuss the difference to Hemp oil in terms of its origin, cannabis species used and medicinal benefits.

We also discuss the difference in psychoactivity between CBD and the traditional use of cannabis as a mood altering recreational stimulant.


39 thoughts on “Difference between CBD oil and Hemp oil (seed) -PHARMACIST EXPLAINS

  1. Im still confused you say that the real benefits are in CBD oil and not HEMP oil but your recommendations all state that there hemp oil, so is POPULUM a CBD oil or is it made from HEMP oil, i would like to use populum but dont want to waste my money if its just hempoil and not real CBD oil.

  2. Great job on simply explaining the differences between CBD oil and Hemp oil as well as the links to help explore and research with better understanding. I've been looking into more organic natural relief from the aches and pains of aging. Between my ears my dyslexia tells me I'm still that nimble 17 year old, but my new friend 'Arthur Ritus' says differently. Thanks again

  3. All you people in the comment section are confusing af, all you guys have your opinions just like this person that made this video, I’m just going with what I think is right, I mean it’s only right to do that cus everyone is saying something different, smh

  4. One last thing I want to say when you buy the CBD oil it'll say CBD oil on the front make sure it doesn't say hemp oil in small print don't buy it if it says hemp oil it's got to say like mine says 450 mg of cannabinoids 32:1 ratio CBD oil probably the best you can get if it says hemp oil in this bottle I wouldn't have bought it I don't want him poyle I need it for my pain and my sleeping and all that it does all the other does and more it's the best you can buy

  5. and believe me I've tried to hemp oil and it doesn't do anything at all for my pain at all it does nothing for my sleep it does nothing for me but I'm not saying that would be with all people I'm saying that the one you want to buy is CBD oil with the cannabinoids

  6. He's very very right I've been using CBD oil now for months with cannabinoidsand no it doesn't get you high it doesn't change your mood all it does is help my chronic pain on bone on bone in my knees no cartilage and it doesn't take it all away but it does take a lot of pain away and it helps me with restless leg syndrome at night they don't go crazy moving all around and I get sleeping every night good sleep but the hemp oil don't buy that don't get him Boyle you'll see some that say CBD on the front and when you look at the back it'll say hemp oil they're lying to you that's false advertisement CBD oil is not hemp oil

  7. there are only 2 plants…hemp and marijuana. (.03 thc is the governments limit for defining the difference between the 2 since labs have been playing with hybrids) there is no such thing as a cbd plant. cbd oil that is not specifically labeled as “isolate” is hemp oil. hemp oil is full spectrum. you can absolutely get a slight buzz off of full spectrum oil at 0.03% thc, (dont think so, ingest 60mg of good hemp oil, wait for that second wind of when the oil reaches your small intestine 2 hours later, you might find yourself saying ….wow im actually buzzed) and you can fail a drug test if your body doesnt have a 3-4 day break from use. full spectrum hemp oil is waaaaay better/stronger/beneficial than cbd isolate. anyone who says different is lying. now the strain of the hemp plays an important role but its not cost effective to test for levels of each terpene/ canabanoid category. the governments will either have to change their testing policies (right now they just test for presence and not %) or they will have to federally legalize marijuana all together. as this gains popularity, people will be sold on the benefits of full spectrum, but they wont be told the truth, they will lose their jobs, people will kick and scream until the laws change in the states….

  8. Hello, can CBD be beneficial for the endocrine system? I mean to regulate the thyroïd, blood sugar or female hormones for example? If yes, do you have a video, an article or a link to recommend? I'd love to know more about its mechanism on hormones, there is very little literature about it, or it's me looking at the wrong place.

  9. More confused than before. Yes, it would be helpful to discuss the characteristics (breakdown) of each as it pertains to health and wellness.
    Also, a background of the positive internal effects as it pertains to health and wellness. Maybe also what benefits they have for those interested in a supplemental remedies regarding pain, mental health, or Gastro to name a few. Which of the two would be beneficial for improving certain aspects of health or supporting specific concerns.But thanks for the information none the less.

  10. please don’t ignore this testimony i am here to give thanks to Dr Rick Simpson for using his oil to cure my uncle cancer of 4 years we have taking him to different hospital the doctors could not cure him and we have spend a lot of money on his cancer until he see a friend who share his testimony about the oil and i quickly email him at (ricksimpsoncannabisoil27@gmail.com) and i tell him about my uncle situation and received the oil and use it on my uncle now my uncle is totally healthy .thanks to Dr Rick Simpson please email him and help your love ones c(cannabisoil234@gmail.com)

  11. Hi, I am 47 suffering from ADHD and OCD. I want to try CBD product. Please recommend me any suitable and where to get it. There are so many products in the market but I don't know which one is suitable for me. I would be very grateful for your answer. Many thanks.

  12. Thank you for not referring to hemp as a separate species of plant. Others will say Cannabis Vs Hemp. Correctly it’s Hemp Vs Marijuana. You included Hemp within the Cannabis family which everyone who puts out videos to educate need to do.

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