What is a "full spectrum" CBD oil?

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CBD Professor answers a subscribers question on whether or not “full spectrum” means the same thing as “full plant extract” CBD oil.

Learn more: http://cbdschool.com/blog/cbd-101/how-to-find-the-best-cbd-hemp-oil

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47 thoughts on “What is a "full spectrum" CBD oil?

  1. Hi professor!! Re CBN for insomnia, from a growers perspective, using Jorge’s diamond #1 strain, as it’s high in THCV, CBD and CBN. What would be the best growing method etc for max CBN?
    Here’s a bit of info
    Dutch Passion Seeds Jorge's Diamond #1 feminized marijuana seeds produce a unique, resin-packed, indica-dominant strain that is potent, sweet, flavourful and incredibly smooth-smoking. The rare indica-dominant genes are mixed with just the right amount of sativa to give the smoke a very strong and soaring high. The taste is sweet and similar to wild honey smothered in raspberries. The strain is almost maintenance free – spidermites and other pests know to leave Jorge’s Diamonds #1 alone. Medical note: By Thin Layer Chromatography the THC percentage was calculated at 16 – 18%, while the strain (medical note) is high in THCV, CBD and CBN.
    appreciate your knowledge immensely?

  2. Isn't it that studies shows THC is what shrink cancer cells then why would people just use CBD that will blocks THC to do its job.. Not saying other spectrums are not just as much important but THC is king.

  3. I do not know a better CBD product than Kannaway's. This company is the only company in the world that issues a trippel lab test. The experience of users of Kannaway cbd products is really unbelievably good. Kannaway delivers the Full Spectrum CBD oil with a whopping 1000Mg CBD in a bottle of 120ml. In addition to the Pure Gold Full spectrum CBD oil, there is now the Premium Humulus CBD oil that is not related to cannabis but comes from the Hop plant, unique in the world! You can read more on this website: https://kannaway.com/5900214

  4. Isn't there a difference between CBD oil derived from a hemp plant with No bud vs a full spectrum "CBD" oil derived from the flower or "Bud" from a cannabis plant?
    Isn't "industrial Hemp oil (no buds) and "cannabis oil with BUD (hi CBD/lowTHC) two different things?? Which oil is the best if there is a difference?

  5. I don't think she's asking for the reasons you think. some companies sell a a hemp full spectrum extract. And they don't mention the word CBD. So my question is… if it's full spectrum, is it possible to NOT have CBD oil in it. Theres a lot of debate as to whether or not Amazon is selling CBD oil without knowing.

  6. Thanks! I have suffered from chronic pain and depression since 2006. Why do my doctors not prescribe CBD when other medicines are not very effective and damaging my health? If a woman can sue for a million when burning a lips with hot-coffee at McDonalds, why not sue the pharma-industry for 12 years of pain? WTF! These videos where not around a year ago or they were blocked? (See posting date and the amount of views)! …. I assume I will be murdered for stating this? … but I will get it now for sure and be back actively again in normal life! 🙂

  7. OMG this is to overwhelming….I just started trying to figure out this options for my chronic pain everyday all day pain. Pleeaassee tell me (from your experience) which company to buy from to get the best results for pain. I ordered and just started taking HRMPWORX 750 with only 0.6 ml . PCR Hemp (seed) oil. I need all the help I can get….need to get of pain meds

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