ThoughtCloud CBD Vape Oil Review – Thoughtcl0ud 600 mg MCT Vape Juice

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In this video I review the CBD vape company Thoughtcl0ud and their 600 mg MCT vape oil.
I checked out the company and was very happy to find all the information I was looking for.
Their hemp derived products are made from organic, Colorado-grown hemp. They are non-GMO, vegan and sustainable.
Their COA lab reports were recent and tied to a specific product and batch number.
I bought and sampled their banana cake flavor vape oil, which I found to be pleasant and effective.
I judged Thoughtcloud on their company info, their website, their transparency, their variety, value and delivery.

Watch the video and see how they scored.


13 thoughts on “ThoughtCloud CBD Vape Oil Review – Thoughtcl0ud 600 mg MCT Vape Juice

  1. Thank you very much! I'm going to order full spectrum Thoughtcloud but I'm not sure if 600 mg is enough? The price for 600mg is such a deal, however, I'm not sure if it'll last longer? The 1800 mg. seems a lot but then it's 164USD. What do you recommend to take?

  2. It’s been five weeks since I started vaping CBD. My pain level has dropped precipitously, and I no longer require regular hydro done to manage breakthrough pain. I was takin (3) 10mg tablets per day. In the last two weeks, only needed 1/2 tablet on two occasions. I really appreciate the advice you gave me back then!

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