Eden’s Herbals 1000 mg CBD oil Tincture Review

Join Jennifer Dixon ERYT 500 and Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher as she reviews a new CBD oil Tincture.

Eden’s Herbals is a Company based out of New Hampshire. This product is a 99% pure CBD isolate. It uses an MCT carrier oil and is surprisingly mild flavored.

Eden’s Herbals 1000 mg CBD oil is also surprisingly affordable. With a retail pricepoint of only $42, this is hands an amazing deal for the quantity of CBD you get in each dose. With 1 ml being 33 mg of CBD, it’s a great way to get the anti-inflamation, anti-anxiety, help to sleep that you need in an affordable price point.


One thought on “Eden’s Herbals 1000 mg CBD oil Tincture Review

  1. Thanks for making this video! This is my first time trying one of these products. I just received the exact same bottle that you have. It arrived today and the packaging, cap, color, and taste made me wonder if it was legit or if someone tampered with it along the way. I was relieved to hear and see that mine was the same as yours and that everything was normal with the bottle I received. Saved me an inquiry to customer service and the worry that something may be wrong with it. My employer does random drug tests, which is why I went with this brand. From what I understand no THC means no failed test! Thanks again!

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