PureKana CBD Oil Review

My review of PureKana CBD oil after taking it for a little over three weeks. My dosage has been about 33 mg’s/serving and I’ve been taking it once per day right before bed.

PureKana CBD website:

My PureKana CBD Drug Test:

Here’s my favorite CBD oil right now:
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Here’s a great video explaining CBD:


20 thoughts on “PureKana CBD Oil Review

  1. I've been using the 25mg one from PureKana 14 drops a day for 2 weeks and in all honesty I'm not sure if I need a higher dosage or CBD doesn't work for me. I'll still keep using it until it's over maybe my body is not there yet to feel a difference?. I have very high anxiety, depression and been violent for the last few months and I have scoliosis with lower back and hip problems. This is really the last shot I'm giving myself because the doctors don't hear you out or say that I'm not suppose to experience pain. I'm seriously hoping the cbd will help out at least in a few months because I'm physically and mentally exhausted.

    Edit because I'm retarded and can't explain myself correctly.

  2. thank u very very much bro, i have a purekana hemp oil which is from the seeds?? and i use as cbd lol!! so what i have is not the cbd oil and a little different benefits??‍♂️ right?

  3. I actually bought the 600mg Mint flavor Premium CBD Oil Drops by PURE KANA for $90 (I had a coupon code from their Website and got $5.00 off). I am Very Impressed with my Results! I actually have been Sleeping Better at night and I do feel more Relaxed. Also, I was experiencing inflammation in my body (Bloating and Gut issues from underlying Stress, I believe)…I believe the CBD Oil is helping to relieve the inflammation & Bloating. So Far I’ve been taking the Pure Kana CBD Oil for about 2 weeks (once or twice daily) I am glad I bought it. I agree, don’t skimp…the 600mg seems to be working pretty well for me ??

  4. Just bought some PureKanna, I just finished a bottle.of Green Compass. It calmed me down a lot and seemed to alleviate my joint pain to some degree but its expensive 157 bucks after shipping. I liked it though. I think PK is around 25 bucks cheaper than the green compass because they have free shipping which is nice and Im hoping it works just as good if not better. Thanks for your video, there is a lot of crap oil out there being sold by scammers.

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