38 thoughts on “I'VE BEEN ON CBD OIL FOR 4 MONTHS + Full PlusCBD Review

  1. thank you so much for these videos. i struggle with anxiety on a day to day basis and much like you i have problems with overthinking, depression, worrying, and so forth. i don't know anyone that's tried cbd so your videos are really helping me in deciding what's best for me. i look forward to more videos and trying cbd myself in the near future!

  2. If you are Not sleeping or not getting into deep REM sleep and staying there for 7+ hours every Night LOOK at Sleeping "Grounded" this is Very Important!, Sleeping grounded Gets you into a Very Deep REM sleep, Very restful and restorative, It Lowers Cortisol Levels, it reduces Inflammation in the Body and gets rid of all Pain, Like all Natural Treatments give it a Month or two as the Benefits are Many Many Many, and they get better the Longer you have been Grounding. The Combination of Grounding and Hemp CBD is amazing they are Made for each other and for the Best Health Possible and Go great together

  3. Why dont you just get on birth control. Ive heard that will make it to where you only have a period every so many months or something like that. Ive been taking this same cbd oil and i cant feel shit from it at all… Ive smoked dank for like 15 years tho among other reckless things i should not have taken or done to my body.. I live in wv tho so its still illegal and ive been sober for a couple years now and have recently had to quit smoking so my depression and crap has been terrible lately. FUCK MEDICATION ALWAYS LOOK INTO THE STUFF YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO TAKE BC ALOT OF IT IS MADE WITH POISONS LIKE FLUORIDE AND SHIT. BIG PHARMA IS NOT OUR FRIEND THEY ARE OUR ENEMY. Either way god bless and hope your doing well even tho you a complete stranger and i dont know you from adam. We are all gods children and need to start having eachothers back and stop letting the fake news fucks separate us even futher… That is their goal after all

  4. I heard carrier oils such as mct help facilitate the cbd into tissues for better absorption. I like Lazarus Naturals and New Leaf, but NL is expensive. Thoughts on this product not having a carrier oil? I think Hempworx is similar to your product.

  5. I've been taking the spray over a week off and on (2 sprays after breakfast). Ive been taking it for anxiety. The first time I took it I only took one spray and I noticed a difference. I noticed the over thinking was gone. I took it the next day and the over thinking was there. I took it for a couple of days (1 spray) then decided I needed a bigger dose. I went to 2 sprays a day and nothing. You have to take it with food? I know the spray is a very small dose (2 sprays=1mg) right? Could I take more than 2 sprays a day? What is the limit on the spray? I am using the peppermint spray and I really like. I want to find the right dose for me. Another thing, does CBD oil interact with anything? I quit taking my Vitamin C because I read or somewhere that grapefruits interact with CBD. I don't like taking a bunch of stuff at once. Do you think the Vitamin C with liposomal will interact with cbd? Thank you.

  6. thanks for this. ive been meaning to get my paws on some cbd for a minute now. smoking weed's made me paranoid a lot in the past, so constantly people tell me to try this.
    by the way, you're really pretty. i wanna draw you, and send you the drawing somehow haha

  7. I've been using Plus CBD oil for almost two years. It's the only brand I'll use and a new CBD product from Irwin Naturals and they are amazing. I take my CBD morning and afternoon. I think CBD gets you high, but not high like THC. 10mg's of CBD makes me happy and uplifted. CBD has also made my pain levels drop drastically. It's also been helping my anxiety/panic attacks. I truly think CBD is a miracle.

  8. Is it normal for me to feel more from the raw formula versus the gold softgels?

    I have the raw formula (oil drops) I took 6 mg of the oil drops I felt GOOD all day!

    Next day I tried the 15mg Gold formula softgel and didn’t really feel much…

    Does anybody have an idea why?

  9. I don't buy online because you don't know what you're getting… well let me rephrase that…. its harder to know what you're getting I prefer to support *American grown hemp such as Kentucky grown hemp products… there's a great product called Queen City hemp Cincinnati based…Kentucky grown….so at least you're supporting American products …you just can never know what you're really going to get ….so to say that it's not refined like the other oils you have no idea.. you're only going by a card and what you have READ… chances are if it's an online purchase..it's probably not grown here I've seen hemp processed in America but the stuff is grown elsewhere everyone has got to do there research as best we can. Queen City is a Cincinnati Ohio based company but I believe it is grown in Kentucky American-made baby 100% support american grown products!

  10. I've seen a lot of comments asking if CBD is illegal. No, it is not illegal in any state. It has no THC, and from what I hear it works wonders! You can buy it on Amazon.

    Also, good video 🙂

  11. I was not happy with the gold CBD plus 750 mg plus oil. It tastes like moldy sweet tea, it has too many added ingredients and would cause nausea. Did not work at all for headache and fibromyalgia and it is quite pricey. I got far better results wit Lazarus naturals and CBDistillery. CBD does work but continue to do your research before purchasing.

  12. I hope the cost goes down. I found 300 mg 30 mil for $50. I can't buy it till Friday so I've still never tried it. would I just take a drop in the morning and one in the evening and is 300 mg good enough? thanks!

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