I Tried CBD For 6 Weeks for Chronic Pain [CBD Oil Review & Results]

Angie Hepp 20

I’ve tried several brands of CBD oil for my chronic pain, and was never impressed…until now. I really loved reviewing the CBD oil and adaptogen-infused CBD supplements from http://www.HumanKind.care. You can also find them on Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/humankindcare.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, please do not take anything in this video as medical advice. HumanKind provided me with their products to try, but I am not compensated in any way for your purchases.

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20 thoughts on “I Tried CBD For 6 Weeks for Chronic Pain [CBD Oil Review & Results]

  1. I didn’t know about the Tumeric needing To be partnered with the black pepper this is great information I take something called premium ultra pure Turmeric curcumin with bioperine 1500mg off amazon best Bio Schwartz it’s a great helper with my pain I just figured you shared great information with us So I don’t mind sharing the info with you hope this can help you also have a great day

  2. i have severe arthritis and my Dr had me on hydrocodone 2 times a day and i was in complete misery. so in desperation I got me some CBD yesterday afternoon and I swear by late night i already felt a difference + today i worked in my garden n lifted a heavy bag of soil with no pain from it. sure i still had a bit of pain but it was mild and something i could ignore. i feel like ive been given my life back due to cbd.

  3. I take turmeric every day, on a day that I don’t take it i eventually start feeling down in the dumps, so it’s definitely true that it works for depression and it’s a natural antibiotic, it’s all around great stuff!

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