I honestly get asked this question a lot, do I smoke weed? Marijuana? What ever you call it? Today I share my thoughts on weed and smoking as well as try out CBD oil for the first time. I also share some law of attraction lessons I learned in my books, what i ate, a healthy Sprouts grocery haul, and what i did this week.

Natural Native Organic Non GMO THC Free CBD Oil:
Mint Enhanced CBD Spray
“The farm, manufacturing facility, warehousing, and distribution it’s all Natural Native. From the seed to your home, we control it all”

Book I Mentioned:
Eckhart Tolle’s Stillness Speaks:

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41 thoughts on “DO I SMOKE WEED? & TRYING CBD OIL FOR THE FIRST TIME | Weekly Vlog

  1. when your child grows up for thirty years and you are just finding out? you can not teach me! you wanted me dead! abort me! shift me off! i am %) years OLD! i do not live on the the streets? I am going to be a ruler of Countries! GOOGLE And YOUTUBE know me. i am nobody… just a girl in a bowl?

  2. My name is Brian, head of marketing for the one of the largest CBD Companies in the U.S. We started in 2015 and were one of the FIRST CBD Companies on the market. We now have over 270k customers and we carry over 20 of the TOP selling CBD Brands. Look at us as the AMAZON for CBD Products.

    We are looking for you to do a video review, or reviews on multiple brands. Please let me know what it would take, or cost and I will make it happen.

    Whatever you need from me, please let me know. We can provide you samples and we can also offer your readers a coupon!


  3. I hate when people think of weed they think of people just smoking it , I have bad anxiety and have used weed before and people say it’s bad for your lungs which is true, but you don’t have to smoke it . There’s different ways of taking in weed and or thc. I would like someone to tell me a negatives of eating editables.

    Also yes I know if you have anxiety don’t go straight to weed that’s not the best option at all . It’s all in your head just know that . Your mind is very strong and can make they way you think things strongly.

  4. Thank u for putting a time when u talk about the oil lol we need that more on youtube?since my freshmen year of high school I’ve had really bad anxiety but just started using cbd oil from the healing cave lady! I’ve only been using it for a few days but feel more calmer! Today I also got stress master from Dr Jess and I heard it helps! We’re all in this together because anxiety is just the worst

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