34 thoughts on “CBD Oil for Anxiety – UNEXPECTED Effects and Benefits

  1. all CBD oild does is give you a buzz so you don’t feel the pain it doesn’t fix depression just a stupid drug and i thought this channel was amazing ti’ll this so i’m unsubscribing and Teach your younger audience better things then this cause it won’t help you at all just make you a pot head.

  2. I started taking cbd and yes it does help. I have arthritis in my left ankle and it sucks. The swelling, the pain, and the stiffness sucks. I would take 600mg of ibuprofen almost daily just to bear the pain. After work my ankle is at its worse. I started taking cbd edibles and smoking indica cartridges. Wow! What a difference. Little to no swelling, pain or stiffness. Cbd all the way. And if you want some THC that will also relieve pain. Look for indica strains. Girl scout cookies is my favorite. Cheers!

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